• Oil and Gas
  • Food & Beverages
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Steel
  • Green House
  • NOV Tuboscope

Our scope

  • SS Exhaust Stack for Oven
  • GI Ducting for Dust collector
  • Pipe Conveyor / rack
  • Compressed pipeline work
  • Electrical terminations & installations
  • Skilled manpower for heating oven installation
  • Rail
  • installation

Plant equipment installation

Design, fabrication and installation of plant to handle production of conductor pipe for oil & gas.

Our scope

  • Plant layout design to handle 12 m pipe in 20” to 36” dia.
  • Mechanical equipment design.
  • Fabrication of Equipment
  • Fabrication of pipe trolleys (10 Ton) with low voltage drive.
  • Electrical design, panel design , wiring, instrumentation.
  • Commissioning and handing over.

Our Scope

  • Demonstration of effectiveness of Vortec Personal Air Conditioners (PAC)
  • Supply of Vortec PAC for offshore work

Test lab setup

We have built high pressure testing capability LAB.

Our Scope

  • Structural work – Lab wall, doors, ramps, & Monorail
  • Lab walls in 20mm steel plate, mineral wool & RCC
  • Compressed air line & compressor shed
  • Water line, drainage line
  • Lab room
  • Industrial wiring for equipment and lighting connection

Our Scope

  • Supply of Vortec AC for panels


Our Scope

  • Gas piping (Acetylene, Argon, Oxygen) for welding stations

Design & Manufacturing of turntable


  • 1.6 m diameter / 20 mm thick turntable
  • 0-12 rpm turntable speed
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Three Phase Induction Motor 0.75kW
  • Power requirement - 230V/3ph/50 Hz supply
  • Option with Chain and sprocket driven
  • Maximum load 10 tons centered load
  • Heavy duty nylon cylindrical wheels
  • Shipped fully assembled table
  • Control panel with 6 m cable
  • Fully tested before shipment


  • Mai Dubai LLC
  • Klear Water LLC, Dubai
  • National Food Products Company
  • Al Ain Juice & Water
  • Signature Snacks LLC

Utility pipeline for PET bottling

Supply, fabrication and installation of pipeline to meet new PET bottling line

Our Scope 

  • Steam pipeline in CS
  • HP compressed air line SS304
  • LP compressed air line SS304
  • Steel platforms
  • CIP pipeline SS316
  • SS Trolley, cabinets, rejection trays

Klear Water, DIP-2, DUBAI

Our Scope

  • LP and HP compressor installation & piping
  • LP air piping for plant
  • Installation of cooling tower and Heat exchanger
  • Compressor room shed fabrication & installation

Plant relocation, refurbishment & equipment installation

Our Scope

  • Shifting of blow molding, filling, sleeving and packing line
  • Cleaning, Refurbishment
  • Program backup
  • Repair of panels, conveyors, panel supply

  • Rigging & installation of Husky PET equipment
  • Skilled technicians provided in Mechanical and electrical for integration


International Aseptic Board Manufacturing (IPACK)

  • Shed for chiller water pumps

  • Gorica Industries LLC
  • Exide Al Dobowi Batteries LLC
  • Bin Hamooda Auto Serivces

Plant relocation, refurbishment & equipment installation

Installed equipment & machinery for entire plant (5000 sq. mtr) delivering 16 m long Sandwich panels. Equipment were 25 years old from Europe, which were built into new production line at Dubai.

Our scope

  • Mechanical work -Equipment erection, design & supply components for system integration, modification to suit local requirements
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Electrical work – control panel wiring, instrumentation
  • Vacuum piping

Plant relocation, refurbishment & equipment installation

Our scope

  • Assembly line refurbishment
  • Relocation of assembly line, finishing line & packing line
  • Monorail & jib crane – installation & certification
  • Maintenance workshop setup
  • Electrical cabling layout & panel supply
  • Safety signage, floor marking

Redevelopment of spare part warehouse – GMC

Our scope

  • Removal of warehouse roof and side panels
  • Installation of new roof panels
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Wall painting – indoor & outdoor
  • Interlocking
  • Shutter door

  • STRATA Manufacturing Co PSJC
  • BUGraphene Technology and Innovation

Our scope

Fabrication & installation of compressed air pipeline

  • Interconnecting piping – Compressor room units
  • Main plant air distribution network
  • Fabrication of spools in Carbon Steel and Stainless steel
  • Compressor positioning, drain connections, ducting, cooling water piping

Installation compressed air line  for Atlas Copco & Gardener Denver

  • BASF, Dubai
  • SIKA

BASF, Dubai

  • Compressor installation

  • Compressed air piping in SS



  • Federal Transformer Co LLC
  • ABB Industries LLC

 Plant relocation, refurbishment & equipment installation

Shift of equipment /machinery for entire transformer (tank + radiator) plant from ICAD-2 to Mussafah-46. Re-built the entire plant including blast booth, paint booth, plasma cutting machine

Our scope

  • Mechanical work -Equipment dis-mantling & shift, system integration, modification to suit new layout
  • Electrical work – SMDB design, wiring, instrumentation
  • Compressed air & gas piping

Automatic sandblasting of Transformers

Our Scope

  • Design and manufacture of compact turntable for transformer rotation
  • Sand recovery system
  • Control logic and panel development
  • Robot Integration
  • Packaging inside container


Emirates National Sack Company (EMPAK)

Our Scope

  • Shifting of PPE tape line, lamination and printer
  • Refurbishment
  • Program backup
  • Repair of heating elements
  • Electrical cabling layout & panel supply


Our Scope

  • Relocation of twister inside factory
  • Removal and installation of utility piping
  • Electrical cabling and panel re-wiring

  • Al Nakheel Paper Industries LLC (Fine Tissue)

Our Scope

  • Different types of machine installation and maintenance, Disk Filter, Broken Pulper, H.W & S.W Pulpers, Refiners, Course screen, Primary screen, Exhaust Fans system, L.C cleaner.
  • Different types of Sulzer pumps, Fan Pumps, Agitators and mixture, Centrifugal pumps, Vacuum pump
  • Hydraulic pump and Tank system
  • Bale handling conveyer system, Roll handling conveyer system.
  • Bretting machine, Jumbo roll machine, Facial tissue machine, Toilet roll Machine

  • Jindal SAW Gulf LLC
  • McWane Gulf LLC

Design, fabrication and installation of plant to handle bitumen coating on DI pipes from size 500 to 1200 mm dia. In 15 days

Our scope

  • Plant layout design to handle 6.3 m pipe in 20” to 36” dia
  • Gantry design & fabricator – 60 meters
  • Shed design & installation
  • Bitumen coating station with pipe rotating station
  • Commissioning and handing over.

Fabrication of Miscellaneous items


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